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John G. Lake  (John G. Lake/God’s Generals, By Roberts Liardon)

Alexander Dowie (John Alexander Dowie/God’s Generals, By Roberts Liardon)

William Seymour & Charles Parham
(William J. Seymour & Charles Parham/God’s Generals, By Roberts Liardon)

Curry Blake  (About Curry Blake at

This excerpt is from a forum speaking about John G. Lake and the ministry being pass on to Curry Blake and why.

"This is the prophecy given by John G. Lake in 1934. This is the reason that Wilford Reidt, (Lake's son-in-law) gave the Ministry to Curry R. Blake. Just as the prophecy said, Curry was run over by a car 25 years after Lake's death, to the exact day. Wilford and Gertrude Reidt (Lake's daughter) prayed for over 9 months about who to give the Ministry to. At that time there was a board of members on the ministry team, but every time that they went to prayer, the Lord showed them Curry. So this is why he has been handed the John G. Lake Ministry. If you will notice, it says that he would see these things before his 40th, birthday. (Before his second score of years) And he has".
Excerpt of the 1934 Prophecy by John G. Lake


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