John G Lake Prophecy made in 1934
There shall come upon the church great darkness. The ground gained from the enemy
shall be lost and false teachers shall arise and false prophets whose words shall have a
ring of truth but will have no substance. They are those who will follow after gain, and
greed shall be their God. They shall show forth works but their visions will not exalt Me,
saith God, but their own selves and doctrines. Against this there shall come forth by My
Spirit, a young man, another voice crying in the wilderness to make straight the way of
The Lord, restoring old ways and shoring up the terrible gap in the wall to stop the
incoming flood of sin and worldliness that shall surely be in the church in that day. This
one will be rejected of men and his brethren will not understand nor accept him.

I will fill him with My Spirit, with My mind. His life will be precious to Me, for his spirit
will bring forth from My Spirit and show his generation of My fullness. He shall be born
when this country has stopped growing, for I will bring him forth in the very last days.
He shall consecrate himself to Me even as he was consecrated as a child. He will not
hearken to the voices that would hinder him, for he is separated unto the work whereunto
I have called him.

He will dwell upon Me night and day. I will remove any hindrances that will place itself
against My purposes. I will use him mightily for he shall not only continue the flow of
this ministry, but he shall carry it to even greater depths.

The great works that have been seen, will appear as nought for I will do greater works
through him for he is meek and seeks peace. I will cause the pride of life to pass from
him and the spirit of achievement instilled in him at an early age, I will cause to leave.

The enemy will try to kill him a score and five years from my death. Before his second
score of years, he shall see all these things begin. Thus saith The Lord.

Prophesy given by John G. Lake, in 1934
This is the prophecy given by John G. Lake in 1934. This is the reason that Wilford
Reidt, (Lake's son-in-law) gave the Ministry to Curry R. Blake. Just as the prophecy said,

Curry was run over by a car 25 years after Lake's death, to the exact day.
Wilford and Gertrude Reidt (Lake's daughter) prayed for over 9 months about who to
give the Ministry to. At that time there was a board of members on the ministry team, but
every time that they went to prayer, the Lord showed them Curry. So this is why he has
been handed the John G. Lake Ministry. If you will notice, it says that he would see these
things before his 40th, birthday. (Before his second score of years) And he has.

He went to Africa in 1997. There he commissioned 70 young men. They went out and
from there, over 702 churches were born. Over the past year we have seen the dead
raised, the deaf hear, and the lame walk!

Many, many Miracles! Praise God for his Goodness & Mercy!

The ministry continues to reproduce, reproducers that reproduce, reproducers with the same results to this day. For more information