Divine Healing Technician Training
May 6-8 2022 

Ulcerative Colitis - Healed! Delivered from Depression! Pain in Chest, Back and Lungs - Gone, Healed! Back Pain - Gone, Healed! Lower Back Pain - Gone, Healed! Swelling in Left Knee - Swelling Gone! - Healed! Hip Pain - Gone, Healed! Carpal Tunnel - Both wrists mobile and pain gone, Healed! Praise the Lord!

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Healing Room Ministry 

From 8-25-22

C-Raleigh, NC

Speech impediment due to stroke, leg and shoulder not functioning properly. Could not move arm up and down. After ministry: Speech improved, leg mobility improved 60% and arm had full range of motion, could lift it above head. The team will continue to meet with her and enforce life until healing is 100%. Praise the Lord!

D-Washington, WV

Prostate pain, fatigue, dizziness, neck tightness and lack of mobility. After ministry, we received this report the next day...

"I am pleased to report, the prostate health issue , has been healed! Additionally, my neck and balance issue has also gone away !"

Glory to God!

J-Georgetown, SC

Long time ringing in ears, and hearing loss. After ministry: Testified that the ringing was completely gone and hearing was fine. Halleluiah!

C - Raleigh, NC

Continual acid reflux. After Ministry: Acid reflux gone completely.